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Flash Wont work in Windows 8 HELP

Solution although not a good answer, frankly, Windows 8 is a terrible update. That said, we still need a solution
There are not easy answers
Windows 8 decided that FLASH should not be installed in win 8
If it is... then there are some very awful requirements such as getting on the Windows Compatibilty List

Step 1
he may need to change firewall or update flash player even if latest windows.

Step 2

Getting Listed in the Microsoft Compatibility View List

Getting listed on Microsoft’s Compatibility View List entails emailing Microsoft with the details of your site and details of how it conforms to Microsoft's Flash Content Guidelines. It is not sufficient for the SWF origin to be on an included domain. unless the containing site is also whitelisted, Flash will not be loaded.

To submit your site for consideration to the CV list
•Email and include the following details:
1.Your name, company, title, and contact information.
2.The domain you want considered (example and the specific pages containing Flash content (example,
3.The approximate unique users per month that visit the domain.
4.The capabilities your Flash content requires. For more info see Guidelines for Flash Content in Internet Explorer 10.
5.The name and version of the SWF your site is using, including the version number for the third party .SWF files if appropriate. (For example,. The version number may be found by right-clicking on streaming player.)

6.A list of any other plugs-ins (not Flash) that your domain depends on and the specific pages containing those controls. Be aware that if your site depends on other plug-ins, users will be directed to open your site in Internet Explorer 10 for the Desktop.

7.The results of your testing from the pages listed in step 2. For more info see Test Guidance and Test Cases.

Add a META-tag or HTTP Header

The following META tag or HTTP header will cause IE10 to provide a one-touch option to switch to Internet Explorer for the Desktop. After the user switches to the IE10 Desktop UI, the Flash player should display as normal.

HTTP header - X-UA-Compatible: requiresActiveX=true

META tag - <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="requiresActiveX=true" />

Please note these guidlines are repeated from MICROSOFT
and a very sad situation WINDOWS 8 puts website owners in

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