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Formats and Bitrates

Solution If the video is in flv format, and uploaded into flv netowrk as an FLV from the drop down box, then the converter is bypassed, and no changes are made to the actual file.
This is also true of MP4
But, if an MP4 is uploaded as an flv then encoding does take place, and as such, average bitrates do take consideration

For a balance of bitrate and subjectivity on quality, we would recommend using MP4 (preferably H264 codec) as it can be compressed considerably yet retain suitable wuality to the viewer

We also have a free compressor (windows)
here, where further info on hi def can be found
other examples

were all outputted via H264 and mp4 and compressed further with the FLV Hosting desktop compressor.
Some other tricks people use are to export at even higher resolution dimensions ( like 1920 x 1080)
but then lower the bitrate to around
this setting when displayed or embeded at 1080 can actually look as good as exporting at 1080 with higher bitrate
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