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FLV Network; Using Your own Flash Streaming player

Solution Using Your own Flash Streaming player
If using your own player, an EXAMPLE RTMP (URI) for you is below: for player exporting

In your player playback, you refer to this folder and pathname

Example playback URI (insert in player FLA in settings) rtmp://flvnetwork/vod/accountname/smallfiletest.flv

In some case, a third party player may want to know the absolute path to the video

In that case, navigate to the video preview in VIDEOS menu
under the player is RTMP path

SImple change this to HTTP

and you find the video

WARNING: using direct paths to videos in thir party players leaves both your RTMP setting and videos exposed to theft and abuse
FLV HOSTING takes no responsibility for account overuse due to video sharing from exposed player codes and paths
For best security, use the CUSTOM PLAYERS in flvnetwork

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