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Solution CURRENT NOTICE FLV1 server is not responding. Yesterday afternoon our main cluster server suffered a hard drive failure in the main sections. The server was operating but not able to load the database data required to run websites to the public view. The process of hot swapping and restoring data as backed up on the mirror drives is taking place. Once the hardware is in place the next process of restoring website data can occur. We co-locate our servers at a Godaddy location so are relying on their engineers to facilitate. After that our own server engineers will recheck and provision for confirmation of restoration of websites. We expect that to be in the region of 8am to 10am Tuesday- You may see some partial return until full stability can occur. Please bear with us while we investigate.

Thanks to our hamster for running the generator for our network.
Well not really of course.....
But if he is running so are we !

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