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SSL Certificate Errors / Notices

I am getting SSL errors from the certification path of "plesk". I am guessing it is something coming from the streams I am trying to hit?

You can see a sample at

We do not use any SSL so I cannot think what this might be.....

We have a big day today and would like to try to get this worked out.



This means that, although the secure server certificate is encrypting data correctly

This does not indicate a problem with the website or control panel. This could be more accurately described as a fault with browsers being a little overly paranoid on your behalf. It is not controllable by FLV Hosting and is not a fault of your account.

Control Panel

Plesk is installed as a control panel administrator on FLV Hosting accounts
The certificate error is the fact that plesk is not a trusted signing authority. SWsoft (the makers of plesk ) self-sign the SSL certificates, but because they are not a trusted signing authority, sometimes Browser certificate errors are produced. .

If you log into your control panel and view certificates you will see that it is up to date and not expired as reported in your browser

It can also occur as the flash player in the browser is sometimes connecting to videos in an SWF via IP address versus domain name
(its getting confused)

This notice will not appear for all users, and does not affect streaming in any way -- simply keep navigating to the page you want to view

Several steps can be taken

There are several steps that can be taken to stop the notices
1. Check on Windows Update and see if there is an optional update called Root Certificate Update and install. This should stop those errors.

2. You may want to go to your security settings and the domain your account is on at flv hosting ( --- check your welcome settings for correct server location)
as trusted websites,
Press alt, tools, internet options, security. Then highlight trusted sites and click the button that says "sites". Just type in the url to the site you want to allow and add a /* to the end of the address to allow similar security for any subfolders and subfiles of the site.


3. If you would like to permanently disable the warning error, go to the Internet Explorer Tools menu and select Internet Options, Advanced tab. Scroll down to the bottom (under Security) and disable/uncheck "Warn about certificate address mismatch".

4.Open IE7

Click Tools

Click Internet Options

Click the Security tab

Click the Internet icon

If using a mac
click here for further information

Click Custom level

Locate Display mixed content

Click the radio button next to Enable (the default setting is 'was Prompt'

Click OK to save your changes
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