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I am a new user to your service and had a few questions regarding the statistics reporting provided by this service. I am in the process of implementing flash videos to a college site and the Web Services Department decided to use your service as our Flash Media Server.

Therefore, we need some detailed statistics regarding the number of users that watch each video, how much of the video do they watch, when do they close the page or stop the video, and any other detailed information of this sort.

Is there any way to obtain this type of information on a regular basis? If not, what information is provided by your service right now and where exactly can I find it? (I have had some difficulty browsing your interface, but did find the reports/statistics section, but it was more basic than expected)




Hello Rishi

Wowa Media server provides stats for the oeverall server for the admins (us) to monitor accounts as a whole for transfer usage

These stats only provide a large log file that cannot be passed on to a shared hosting client
the amount of time to extract particular data for one application folder is too high to be able to do so
They do have a consule available but that also is for the complete server not for shared hosting accounts

We wish it were possible to provide detailed stats such as you request

Most of our clients will develop their own way to track views by using php or other tracking within the Flash Player itself
host the SWF player on our servers in the sub domain set up for you
Then check webstats in PLESK control panel and you will see the number of plays, hits, and the referring urls too

Flash Media Server logging and reporting has traditionally been a painful task as the initial versions of Flash Communication Server did not support text logs at all.

In fact doing a google search for stats reporting on Flash Media Server or Wowza Media server reveals little help also

Some clients use for simple tracking
this may also be useful for you

Sorry its not a better answer at this time

We have been in our spare time investigating our own stats display module, however important client projects have kept us back from any real progress to date.
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