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movie jitter

We have the 200 simultaneous connection plan and we have noticed that when multiple people are viewing an FLV on our site (WELL below the 200 user limit) it gets jumpy. This is especially apparent when multiple users access the FLV from the same network, i.e. same IP address.


What you refer to is not related to number of sim connects
In order to help you we need you to provide the following information:
URLS to the movies with jitter
What Encoding Rate was used on the videos (kbps)
What is the connection at the network (DSL? Cable?)
How many computers share this connection?
Do people outside your network experience the same issue?

General info
If your videos are encoded at say 700kbps
and the internet connection is 200mbps you can get jitter
That is not the fault of the server, it is the match between bandwidth on the end user versus the encoded rate of the video
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