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Encoding and choppy playback

I am trying to stream Virtual Tours for our company and on slower DSL connections, the tours lag and are choppy.

I'm encoding the quicktime movies via Quicktime, using the "Flash 5 Medium Quality (400kbps)" settings. I'm resizing the movie and using the On2 VP6 video codec, Frame rate "Same as source".

I'm deploying the flv's through Dreamweaver.

Here's an example of one of our tours:

Any suggestions on how to improve the streaming?


Unfortunatley DSL is becoming the dial up of the internet and the main culpret is the encoding bitrate and original file "same as source"

The easiest "trick" to employ is to lower the bitrate to 3oo or 350 approx
use VBR (variable bit rate ) settings

and if using Quicktime as original file, Sorenson Squeeze as the matching spark codec

As you are dealing with moving "images" the way to trick the quality is to encode the output screen dimensons (flv output) larger than you will actually display in the browser

encode at 640 x 480 lower bitrate shown at 320 x 240
will look as good as
encoded at 320 x 240 larger bitrate.

Hope this helps
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